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Wood manufacture Elmar Kalb

Design for space and sound


Artist and designer, inventor and ingenious master carpenter

His great passion is the materials wood and carbon and his enthusiasm for implementing special solutions for his customers. Inspired by nature and technology, he develops the perfect interplay of material, elegance and function. With his inventive spirit, Elmar brings many ideas to life. A perfectly thought-out product is created by hand with millimeter precision - functional, unique and perfect down to the smallest detail. From smart cases to individual custom-made products made of carbon, wood and precise craftsmanship. Each one is unique, an elegant, highly functional work of art.

Elmar Kalb wood designer
Elmar Kalb
Jasmine Choi, South Korean flutist

Flute case

Jasmine Choi Flutecase

Probably the smartest home for your flute.



Smart.Tab Case

ipading couldn't be more elegant and refined.

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