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Kalb Manufacture

The smart manufactory for emotions and inventiveness

Elmar Kalb Manufacture
Elmar Kalb


The place for big ideas and finest materials.

Always one step ahead in thought. Inspired by nature and technology, Elmar devotes himself to his great passion. Millimeter by millimeter, gram by gram, he develops the perfect interplay of material, elegance and function. With his inventive spirit, Elmar brings every idea to life. Even yours. The spirit of invention is in the air at the manufactory. An idea buzzes in your head and in the middle of it all is Elmar, who tinkers, measures, weighs and tinkers again. Until finally, with millimeter precision, a perfectly thought-out one-off is created - functional, unique and perfect down to the smallest detail. From smart cases to individual custom-made products made of carbon, wood and precise craftsmanship. Each individual piece is an elegant, highly functional work of art.

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