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Kalb Virtuosos

The interplay of art and skill

Elmar Kalb combines these two values in his work like no other. He constantly strives not only to meet the requirements, but to exceed them. Every element is examined and designed to save weight and ensure maximum stability. Elmar Kalb has acquired this knowledge himself over many years and thus represents unique know-how. Even the small mechanical parts for locks and hinges have been specially developed for the case. Initially just an idea, a remarkable one-off was created after countless hours. The SmartCase Flute not only reflects the enthusiasm of Jasmin Choi and Byung Jae Kang, but also that of its many proud owners.


Jasmine Choi

The South Korean flautist Jasmine Choi is one of the most celebrated flautists of our time. She is known for her virtuosity and refined musicality.


Jasmine Choi used to use a standard instrument case for her flute. This case is quite unwieldy as it is very bulky and heavy. It is also not adapted to her flute, so it can move around during transportation. As Jasmine travels a lot, her dream was to get a perfect, customized case for her flute that is shorter and lighter than those available on the market. With a suitable flute case, she would save herself an extra bag and could take the flute with her in practically any bag - whether in her backpack when traveling, to rehearsals or in her handbag to a concert. After twelve months of development, Elmar Kalb came up with a solution that made Jasmine's dream come true. It took countless hours of work, a lot of experience and craftsmanship. She has been waiting for this all her life. 


When Jasmine puts her precious flute in the case, she turns a wheel that adjusts the holder millimeter by millimeter until it fits the flute exactly to its length. The places where the delicate instrument rests are lined with soft foam and are by no means chosen at random, but are the result of careful observation by the developer. When Jasmine takes the flute out again, the case helps. The intelligent mechanism supports it and leaves space exactly where it is needed to lift the flute out.


instrument maker

Byung Jae Kang

Byung Jae Kang comes from a family of artists in Pusan/South Korea and is a renowned maker of woodwind instruments.

Byung Jae Kang came to Austria in 1991 to deepen his musical training as a flautist at the Vienna Conservatory and later in Graz as a basis for instrument making. In 1995, he completed his training as a woodwind instrument maker with Martin Wenner. He then gained experience in building, rebuilding, restoring and repairing transverse flutes and other woodwind instruments with various specialists in this craft and passed his master craftsman's examination as a woodwind instrument maker at the Ludwigsburg am Neckar master school in 2003.


After he and Elmar Kalb met, it quickly became clear that he wanted to contribute his experience to the product development of the new SmartCase flute. Alongside Jasmine Choi, Bjung Jae Kang is another valuable sparring partner for Elmar Kalb in the search for optimal solutions. The result is something to be proud of!

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