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Jasmine Choi Flutecase

The smartest flute case since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Jasmine Choi Flutecase

Fine, finer at its finest

There was no product on the current market that met the high demands of the famous flutist Jasmine Choi. The Kalb manufactory was only too happy to accept this challenge and, together with the artist, developed this uniquely elegant box to fit her extremely valuable flute perfectly! Anyone who loves beauty will immediately notice the elegant box. But what makes it really special is its core: a unique mechanism that has never been seen before. Developed in collaboration with Byung Jae Kang, who supported Elmar Kalb with his valuable, technically sound knowledge.


Jasmine Choi Fluitcases are available in 3 variants:

Interior design structure

The interior design is identical for all 3 variants - in high-tech 3D printing

Differentiation for the user

These 3 variants are technically equivalent in terms of protecting your flute, weight and dimensions.

The difference lies in the feel and look/appearance.

The price is based on the different material costs and the different craftsmanship required for production.

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